Mechanical Manipulation of Fantasy


 I used photocopies in my installatios for nine years. Starting from one or several images, basically taken from newspapers and magazines, which I divided, enlarged an repeated, I papered over and over the large shed where I worked, photographing the processes and including myself in the environment in order to show his scale. In this way the work splits, and on the one hand it is a real scenery, and, on the other, a photographic scenery. The expression "mechanical manipulation", ironically refers to the technique, which implies at the same time mechanical and manual processes. I used quotatios of all kinds, poular and historical, to work out the iconography, which adds a strong conceptual content to the mere visual. Then I developped the collage and introduced more color in such a way that my work becomed more pictorial. I was immersed in the old analogical world, with all his burden of images and references, but, at the same time, the work  opened towards the digital world: the frontier between both was represented by a grid which constantly appeared in it.

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