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                             ABOUT ME
I´m an artist living and working in Madrid, Spain. I studied at Madrid Fine Arts School  and at  Washington D.C. Corcoran School of Art. For some years I lived in different countries all around the world. At that time, I devoted myself to painting, going from pop realism ("American Series", 1985) to expressionism ("Drunk Women", 1987) ; and later on, from abstract expressionism ("Moon Series",1988-90) to color field abstraction ( "Fossilized trees & Vegetal walls", 1990-92). In 1989 I made my first installation : "Moreover there is a Jura trail on the Moon", where I created a light-and-sound environment. In 1993 I stopped painting and started working with photocopying machines. Over and over again, I papered the walls and floor of my workshop  and photographed the results, including myself in the environment. In "Mechanical manipulation of fantasy" and "Ex machina", two books that were edited in 1998 and 2000 respectively, I explain the whole process . Then, I ventured into the digital world, and worked at installation projects where large static images were mixed up with texts (Frontier Cinema, ARCO Fair, 2001). Meanwhile, the idea of making videos arose, and I worked in short digital films based on famous movies. The video images are striking and slip on very slowly ( "Mecanic- Cinéma", 2004). The digital adventure ended in an exhibition that anticipated the return to painting ( "Two Rooms", 2007). For the occasion, I made small figurative paintings on cardboard which I later reproduced digitally in a larger size. I created an installation of a classic atmosphere,  that recalled De Chirico. From then on, I started painting again, but taking into account my previous experience with installation and environments. I visited  Lebanon and Italy, and felt inspired by what I saw there ("Beirut Series", 2011 & "Lyric Futurism", 2012-13). The Football World Cup was held in Brazil in 2015, therefore, I sent a project to an Institution in Brasilia, consisting of  a hundred small size paintings, depicting portraits of sportsmen shouting ("100 Sport Idols", 2014). The exhibition travelled throughout Brazil for two years. Since 2019, I have been working on large abstract paintings where I combine geomerical forms and words. 

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